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eleanor rigby

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It's just a part of you [Aug. 31st, 2013|11:13 am]
eleanor rigby
Football season is upon us. Today there are tens of thousands flocking to the stadium to watch their team try to overcome their opponent. I feel it isn't really about the game...it's the traditions and togetherness that happen around the game that is what people love and feel are a part of their being.

I know how it feels to be a college alumni, however my school was in the city I grew up in. I can't remember a year of my childhood that basketball season wasn't a part of. The University was an essential part of the city and a part of me. It wasn't my first year, probably not even my second before I'd realized what adults already knew. I felt an ownership of the path I walked, knowing no one else had the same path as me. The journey was something that I was experiencing, but would continue to experience long after graduation. After being a student for those 9 semesters, the sense the school was a part of me had become a permanent part of my being. If only everyone could have that opportunity.

Most everyone who goes to college is going to feel the connection to the school that they attended when they changed, grew up, and finally took ownership over their lives. I understand that others feel for their schools the way I feel for mine. I wonder if everyone else considers how schools breathe life into a community. There is an ebb and flow, and every new class of students brings new energy. Schools can keep cities alive and with sport seasons, not only is there the hope and support for a team, there is hope and support for each other.

We are many we are one. My experience is in no way better than someone else's other than it is mine and that's all I can claim.