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coming to my senses [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
eleanor rigby

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Good riddance [Jul. 7th, 2014|04:46 pm]
eleanor rigby
Bad memories, excommunicated 3 years ago. It shouldn't be a surprise, but I guess it kind of was. They all helped him die, though it was probably a prolonged suicide. The worst of the words still echo, "My son doesn't have a problem." Well now he doesn't have a life either.
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Winter Solstice [Dec. 24th, 2013|05:04 pm]
eleanor rigby
We were invited to participate in a winter solstice celebration and when we were asked to call upon whatever gods we acknowledge my father shouts out "GRAVITY!"

Is there any wonder why I don't believe the miracles?

Axial tilt is the reason for the season. May your life be blessed with opportunity, may you work hard, may we all be more concerned with everyone's wellbeing. Love love love.
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OK Toh Kay, Streetlight Manifesto, and music sharing... [Sep. 26th, 2013|12:15 am]
eleanor rigby
This is Toh Kay doing original songs in his version, better to hear lyrics of their early work.

The new album and the sound on all their traditional band work.

SM calls for fans to boycott purchasing the album and instead to support the band through attending shows and buying merchandise through this (not the record company/iTunes/amazon) website.
Interesting perspective of legality, if we make less stuff illegal then we will have less criminals. Now I'm not saying we should do away with law all together, but the story of this band's contentious relationship with their record company ought to be made extrordinarily public. Why? Because it exposes who really is damaged by online music piracy: the promotion/distribution industry, not the artist. And if you want to know who's behind their record company, here's for some cringe worthy reading!

They've been making the most money, argueably doing the most work, by selling tickets to shows and band brand stuff, not by record sales. When it comes to the music, seriously, they tell you to steal it. I would love to know how the record industry is going to justify sticking with the statement that music sharing hurts the artist, when this is what the artist is calling for. We don't have to talk about how I obtained my first taste of SM, but from then on I have spent hours entertained, talked about them with people I know, sang over over over and over again, am writing this blog in hopes someday someone will see it, and once this month's paycheck clears I'm totally going to get this sick hoodie.

Hands that thieve, do they mean you and me? After learning about these legal battles now I don't really know.

"I felt no guilt till I was caught
 And I was told that I was guilty
 And even then I wasn't really sure (yeah yeah)
 The thing I felt was guilt itself
 Or maybe it was something else
 Frustration at the fact that I was ever caught at all
 I told a lie I multiplied it
 By the time I realized it
 I’d given up everything I ever loved (yeah yeah)
 Cause the thing you left
 When you're looking back
 Is the pressure the feel that you have to act
 Yeah everything is clearer when
 You’re looking at the past (oh no)

 And I don’t care if I lose
 Because my heroes did too
 They shouted court should be adjourned
 Because the jury are fools
 And the judge can’t decipher his left from his right
 Or his right from his wrong
 And we will bite the hand that thieves
 We will not turn the other cheek
 This is no threat
 It is a promise we will keep
 So what's the point pretending
 When we sit behind the curtain
 And there's nothing much to see
 Oh yeah"

Their online RISC store is used by Toh Kay and others. Presumeably operated by the RISC group (whoever that may be). Here's the mission statement. The music production companies need to get hip with the times instead of doing everything they can to remain an unnecessary middleman.

"We're going to keep doing what we do whether or not a single record is sold." - Mechanical voice on the end of 1234 1234 on Keasby Nights as performed by SM.
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A little music and we start to shine [Sep. 8th, 2013|01:07 pm]
eleanor rigby
Sometimes a good concert can be just what you need. New adventures, once inducing cringes, are understood, appreciated and even looked forward to.
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It's just a part of you [Aug. 31st, 2013|11:13 am]
eleanor rigby
Football season is upon us. Today there are tens of thousands flocking to the stadium to watch their team try to overcome their opponent. I feel it isn't really about the game...it's the traditions and togetherness that happen around the game that is what people love and feel are a part of their being.

I know how it feels to be a college alumni, however my school was in the city I grew up in. I can't remember a year of my childhood that basketball season wasn't a part of. The University was an essential part of the city and a part of me. It wasn't my first year, probably not even my second before I'd realized what adults already knew. I felt an ownership of the path I walked, knowing no one else had the same path as me. The journey was something that I was experiencing, but would continue to experience long after graduation. After being a student for those 9 semesters, the sense the school was a part of me had become a permanent part of my being. If only everyone could have that opportunity.

Most everyone who goes to college is going to feel the connection to the school that they attended when they changed, grew up, and finally took ownership over their lives. I understand that others feel for their schools the way I feel for mine. I wonder if everyone else considers how schools breathe life into a community. There is an ebb and flow, and every new class of students brings new energy. Schools can keep cities alive and with sport seasons, not only is there the hope and support for a team, there is hope and support for each other.

We are many we are one. My experience is in no way better than someone else's other than it is mine and that's all I can claim.
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